Total Posture Peak Performance Total Mobility Workout
Andrea Metcalf

Total Posture Peak Performance Total Mobility Workout

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This is unique program is designed to relieve pain while improving your posture and body strengthening. Andrea Metcalf one of the nation's top fitness experts and now she brings this program to you to perform as an at-home workout with the TriadXP App. So it includes voice cues and visual exercise references to guide you through the Total Posture Neck Peak Performance Total Mobility Workout. Peak Performance is a functional fitness program, it's about stripping away all the clutter that stops you from getting your wonderful, beautiful body into the best shape possible. It's easy to perform as an at-home workout and it's about breaking down the barriers and fears that are keeping you from getting motivated and staying on track. 

This routine focuses on the total posture, you can also find additional routines focused on the upper back and neck, mid-back, or lower back, on the store. If you buy the Peak Performance Total Mobility Workout Program it includes all four routines plus you get the bonus of the Peak Performance Fitness Test as a PDF so you can assess yourself and know where to start and what area of the body needs the most work. 

There are 10 stretches and 10 strengthening exercises with the total posture routine. It should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Perform the routine at least five days a week. Optimally, daily performance will yield faster results in improved posture and range of movement.

Get in line or 'alignment' today – with the Peak Performance Total Mobility Workout

To complete the workouts you’ll need

  • Exercise Mat
  • Resistance Band
  • Light Dumbbells
  • Stability Ball
  • A Softball Sized Spongy Ball

Exercise types
           Reps                     Light Dumbbells

Here's what you get with this TriadXP Mobile-exercise program:

  • Step-by-step audio-visual instructions to guide you and ensure you do each workout correctly right from the start.
  • Instructional videos show you how to perform unfamiliar exercises and keep your form in check on familiar ones.
  • Systematic tracking of exercise times, reps, distance, and loads makes recording results a snap.
  • Workout summaries show you your performance results for near-instant gratification at the end of your workout.
  • A personal dashboard that keeps you on track with your high-level workout goals.
  • A workout log with all your workouts and exercise details in one spot.  
  • Workout editing that lets you change exercise targets, replace exercises, and more.
  • A digital exercise program you perform on iOS or Android devices.