Build and Maintain Strength

Isometric Training

Have you ever held a sitting position with your back against a wall or performed a plank?

Then, welcome to the world of isometrics.

As one of two forms of muscle contraction, isometric contraction is a static contraction. It's a way to train without moving your joints or changing the length of a muscle.

Since there's no joint movement or change in muscle length, static training is safe and effortless to learn and perform. You can perform iso's anywhere, anytime, and with or without equipment. They are also a great way to improve your performance and overall well-being. Finally, because isometrics are low-impact, they're used to recovery and rehab from injuries.

That's why we created this special section just for isometric training and education.

Here you'll find isometric specific articles, tools, and training programs. You'll also gain critical insights from the trainers who employ this training technique in the real world to help people like you achieve their fitness goals. By putting these resources at your fingertips, we're making it easy to get moving with isometrics!.

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