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All of our TriadXP Sports Performance programming are designed by The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Sports Medicine department. Our training programs are focused on three goals: 1) Injury Prevention 2) Performance Enhancement  3) Education 

Sports performance is more than strength training from strength coaches. It’s comprehensive injury prevention that leads to enhanced performance because it's backed by a variety of studies on the mechanism and prevention of, as well as recovery from, musculoskeletal and other physiologic injuries and illnesses.

All of our sports performance coaches are certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting or National Academy of Sports Medicine. Many of us have advanced degrees in addition to holding certifications in specific areas of interest.

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The Keys To Speed

We all want to be faster. Let’s face it, it’s cool to be fast, to be known as “the fastest on the team.” As athletes, we love that. Not to mention, being fast is fun. But getting faster is often presented as this elusive trait that either can’t be taught, (we’ve all heard, “You can’t teach speed!”), or is only reserved for those who have access to fancy equipment.

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Training The Single Leg

The traditional thought in athletic performance has been to perform bilateral lower body movements, which just means training both legs at the same time. Examples include traditional squats and deadlifts. While we continue to do this for a large percentage of our training time, there are many sport-specific movements that use a single leg. For instance, when we sprint, jump, cut, and shuffle, we are typically spending time on a single leg to perform these movements. That being said, our training should reflect this.

The “S” Factor: Sleepple title

The time taken to reach physical exhaustion by athletes who obtain anything less than eight hours of sleep, and especially less than six hours, drops by 10-30 percent.

Not only that, getting a good night’s rest can reduce your risk for injury. Sleep is incredibly important to the healing processes in your body. In fact, certain stages of

Peak Performance Pillars

We all know about how important Performance training is! What you may not know is performance training and rehabilitation are just the ground work for reaching your peak performance. We have developed five pillars that, by implementing them into your life, will help you to reach your peak performance goals. The five pillars are Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Recovery, and Mental Edge. All of these pillars play a key role in you achieving your goals.

Recover Like a Prop

We’ve all heard of a cool-down but how many of us actually take advantage of this post-workout recovery tool? We have found that everyone benefits from some form of cool-down, but some might not be sure where to begin. Let us help give you some ideas! As stated in our previous blog post (What are you Fueling Yourself With?) nutrition is one of the most important factors post-workout to aid in recovery and get you ready for your next training session, but what else can you be doing to improve recovery?

Don’t Strike Out Before the First Pitch! Muscle Activation for Sports Performance

We all have performance deficits. As an athlete, I bet you know yours. Maybe it’s getting your hips through on your swing, your accuracy throwing home from center field, or maybe it’s your defense on the basketball court. Regardless of what the deficit is, we all have one thing in common: we work on these deficits to become better athletes.


What Are You Fueling Yourself With?

Nutrition can seem like an overwhelming word at times, but we are here to help you feel at ease and confident, especially with your post-workout nutrition. We understand that your “normal” workout routine may look a little different than you would like right now, but your post-workout and overall nutrition are as important as ever. Maintaining good habits will not only benefit you from a recovery standpoint, but also provide you with a routine for once you are able to resume your preferred method of training.


Everyone is looking to have an edge on the competition when sports return! The competitive edge that you are looking for will come from a well-developed Sports Performance program. You do not have to have access to high tech equipment to train for your sport; using your body weight and items around your house will help to keep you primed for the season to start. You have the motivation, the ability, and a couple items around the house that will add a little resistance to your training.......

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Our normal routine has been greatly impacted. You are no longer going to your school building, work, and team activities have been temporarily halted. It can be difficult to have a routine without the schedule of class bells, but, now more than ever, you will see the importance of setting up a routine that works for you. When creating your routine do not forget to carve out time in your day for Sports Performance. Although we are not training at the school, you can/should still be training. By creating........

Recovery: Hitting the Jackpot After You’ve “Gone All-In”

Let’s face it. Athlete to athlete, we know you go “all in” every time you hit the court, the gym, or the field. We know because we were just like you. We were in your shoes – laying it all on the line every time we stepped over the line. But after you’ve gone all-in, you have to recoup your losses. That’s where recovery comes in.

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