With this workout tracker, it's now possible for the first time to record your results with just one tap or no tap at all.

With this workout tracker, it's now possible for the first time to record your results with just one tap or no tap at all.

With this workout tracker, it's now possible for the first time to record your results with just one tap or no tap at all.

In the '60s, your workout tracker was pen and paper, and you found your workouts in hardcover books, articles, or paperback. So, while it was necessary, tracking your workouts was a hassle back then, but not today. 

Whether it's with a workout journal, a fitness app, or something else, do you track your results? Most people don't, and here's why:
  1. It's not quick and easy, so rather than spending your time exercising, you use it to record it.
  2. Your workout tracker isn't helpful. It doesn't record essential information to help you see your progress, make you more effective with your time, or help you make informed decisions about what to do during your next workout.
  3. Your workout tracker isn't versatile. You need a different app every time you do a different style workout.

With all these hassles, is it any wonder you're not a workout tracker?

Workout Tracker

Dear fitness goer, are you tracking your results?
Are you writing down your notes?
It's a hassle to write down your reps
While you try to rest
But you wanna be a workout tracker

It's a true story of your workout plan
And the challenges most people don't understand
You're training hard for a personal best
It's a steady grind that puts you to the test
So, you want to be a workout tracker

It's hundreds of reps, give or take a few
You'll be entering more in a day or two
You could make your log longer should you have the time
You can record your miles and watch them climb
If only you were a workout tracker

If you do your routine, you should track your results
It could make the difference in getting out of a rut
If you don't record, how will you improve
That's why you wanna be a workout tracker

TriadXP, the Workout Tracker App

It's the perfect fitness tracker for your all your Dragon Door programs, the 5BX and  XBX fitness plans, the Simple Six, Stew Smith's Tactical Fitness Programs, Sean Vigue's Pilates for Athletes Program, and many more renowned training programs. Here's why:
  1. Automatic tracking. It tracks time, reps, distance, and load for each activity automatically or manually. In fact, if you prescribe your reps and loads ahead of time, all you do is confirm them with just one tap. That's right. No fidgeting with a keypad to enter your results; you don't have to enter anything. But, if you need to, you can always override the prescription with your actual results.
  2. Workout notes. Add notes to your workout about weather conditions, diet, sleep, mood, motivational quotes, anything you want.
  3. Workout summary. At the end of each workout, TriadXP gives you a complete breakdown of your workout results. How long it took to perform each activity and the reps, distance, and load.
  4. Workout history. Look back in time and see how much you improved workout by workout. TriadXP preserves all your workout data and your workout notes, so you can see your progress or adjust and plan your next exercise routine.
Bottom line, there's no better workout tracker app than TriadXP.
  1. It's quick and easy. Nearly hands-free.
  2. It's helpful. Spend your time working out, reflecting, and making notes, not entering data.
  3. It's versatile. TriadXP handles any workout from running to weightlifting and protocols like pyramids, countdown and progressive timers, and many more.

With TriadXP, it's easy to become a workout tracker!

Everything You Need to Know to Personalize Your Workout Tracking

Most TriadXP programs come with prescribed exercise times, reps, or distances, and some might even recommend exercise loads. But, unlike most other apps or training manuals, you can pretty much shape TriadXP to track as much or as little of what you'd like to follow. And, best of all, TriadXP will track it for you automatically.

You can track time, reps, distance, and resistance (load or bands), and any combination thereof. That means you track multiple targets for a single activity. Let's say your training for a push-up fitness test. To pass, you need to do a minimum of 50 push-ups in two minutes. With TriadXP, you set a time limit of two minutes and set a rep target of 50. You can even add a halfway alert to help you gauge your pace. Or perhaps you like to ruck and want to track your load. No problem. Set the ruck to distance mode, set a target distance, or leave it open (more on this later) and set the load you plan to haul. TriadXP will automatically track your distance and the target load to carry, which you can confirm or adjust to actual after you ruck. Though the options are endless, if tracking isn't your thing, you can always choose not to track anything.

Set yourself up for one-tap tracking

With a little bit of pre-planning, it's easy to set up one-tap tracking.

With most apps or programs, it's impossible to adjust exercise targets. TriadXP makes it easy to set new goals or targets. Here's how.

Step 1: Select the program you want to perform and the workout you want to do.

Step 2: Review the workout summary and targets. When you see an exercise with a target you want to change, tap on it, and an exercise pop-up screen appears. Tap the "Adjust Exercise" button, and the exercise settings screen appears.

Step 3: In the exercise settings screen, you can change any setting relating to that exercise. You can change the prescribed targets, add new targets, or even change the exercise mode from time to reps or distance. You can even set length targets to measure jump length, height, or reach. To change the target, tap the unit of measure and enter a new number.

Turning tracking features "on" and "off."

Here's how to activate a tracking feature:
  • Set the on/off switch to "on" (green).
  • Enter your target.
  • If you want to leave it open, enter "0".

The Power of "0"

When you enter a zero as a target, it tells TriadXP that you want to be in control. For example, when you enter "0" for distance, TriadXP will turn on GPS and let you run freely and track your distance till you tell it to stop. Setting time to "0" turns TriadXP into a stopwatch. It will start a running clock at the start of an exercise and stop when you tell it to stop. In addition, to help you track your activities the way you want to follow them, these features also give you more latitude to customize your training experience.

Fly Through Mode: Record as Prescribed

Ok. Let's say you don't want to mess with entering your actuals results while you exercise. Or you only need TriadXP to record your workout metrics just as they are prescribed or just as you modified. Well, you can do that, and here's how. Tap the "…" icon in the top right corner of the main menu, and a pop-up menu will appear. Tap the "Record as Prescribed" button in the menu, and a green checkmark will appear next to it. Close the pop-up. Now, when you perform your workout, TriadXP will record your results just as prescribed without you having to enter a single metric. Just follow along and know that TriadXP is logging your metrics just as you planned them. This feature is a great way to shave some time off a workout or for workouts you know you can perform as prescribed or aren't interested in tracking.

Workout Notes: Your Personal Journal

It's great to have a record of your exercise stats, especially when TriadXP captures the data for you, and you don't have to enter a thing. But fitness is a journey you'll want to reflect on. It's the only way to appreciate your progress. Where you started from and where you are now. That's why TriadXP gives you a complete text editor to add notes about any aspect of your workout. Start with short messages to get into the habit. You'll be surprised how handy this note can be in helping you plan and adjust future workouts. And, more importantly, celebrate your progress!

Become a Workout Tracker

With TriadXP, you can become a Workout Tracker without taking any time or focus away from your workout. No pen, paper, spreadsheets, or other apps. So, now that there are no hassles why not become a workout tracker?

Let's get moving!

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