Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to the TriadXP Community, let’s cover the basics so you can get moving. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to find your programs, and how to select and start a workout.

Where to Find Your Workout Programs

All your programs can be found in your library on the TriadXP app. You can access the library by tapping the  Library icon in the bottom menu.

To give you quick access,a recently downloaded  programs section is displayed in your dashboard when you open the TriadXP Fitness App. If you don't see a program you recently purchased or downloaded, tap Refresh. It may take a few minutes for your app to sync with the cloud, especially if the file size is large.

Selecting and Starting a Workout

So you're ready to work out, well let's get moving.

  1. Tap the program you want to perform from your dashboard or your Library to display the Program Details screen.
  2. The Program Details screen shows a list of all the workouts in the program. 
  3. Tap on the workout you want to perform. If this is the first time you’re performing the workout,  the app will begin calculating the file size and downloading the media. This may take a minute to complete depending on the size of the file. You'll see an orange progress circle then a green checkmark when it's finished. Otherwise, tapping on the workout name will display the Workout Details screen.
  4. When a green checkmark appears next to a workout name, tap on the workout name, and a Workout Details screen will appear. Use this screen to review your workout and make changes to it. Visit our support page to learn more about personalizing your workouts.
  5. To start the workout, tap Start Workout and a Get Ready screen with a 10-second timer will appear. Tap Start Workout on the screen to activate the timer. Your voice and visually guided workout will begin when the timer counts down to zero.

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